KoreSchool is committed to reinforcing the structured approach k-12 teachers have in an lesson plan. We have built a system which works with instruction based classroom learning.
Our patent pending radical approach to generating lesson plans based on skills which can be aligned to the skills a teacher teaches in a classroom. Our question and analysis engine automatically creates and renders questions based on skills. An analysis engine uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and data modeling to gauge and learn a students skill level and build upon his/her skills. Ofcourse a teacher has the ability to study the results and tweak a students individual lesson plan based on the feedback from our question and analysis engine.
We have also created KoreTv which is tightly integrated with our KoreSchool lesson building. You can upload videos of your classroom instructions and tie the videos into a lesson plan. This unique ability enables you to instruct students irrespective of location. And students to review skill instructions all year around.
Also tied into KoreSchool is a publishing platform for your lesson plans. You can publish your lesson plan to our KoreMarket-the worlds first market place for lesson plans!
(Coming soon, you can also sell your lesson plans for a fee from KoreMarket.)
KoreMarket enables teachers and parents to shop and subscribe to lesson plans from teachers all over the globe. This opens the possibility of a teacher in Santa Cruz, CA to teach a student in Osaka, Japan and another in Santiago, Chile!
Finally a Global Classroom any teacher can be proud of.
Teachers creating lesson plans, storing videos, publishing to KoreMarket is free! FOREVER.
Building a lesson plan.