Our goal at KoreSchool is to provide parents and students the ability to take control of their education.
Our team has rethought and built upon the strengths of classroom learning, teacher-parent-student participation to bring you an unparalleled platform for K-12 learning.
Central to our approach is the ability of parents and students the flexibility to choose teachers and instructions. We have built in our opinion the worlds best question rendering and student ability learning engine which we call AI-KORE (eye-KORE).
Parents and students are the best judge of what works for the student. Some students work best with their parents and some with teachers. So we have given parents the ability to create lesson plans, upload videos to our KORE Tv service and all the capabilites a teacher/instructor has. You as a parent can teach your own child or take your capability to the global level by publishing your lesson plans to a gloal audience with our KoreMarket service!
OR choose an teacher from our ever expanding catalog of teachers in our KOREMarket. You can choose a teacher based on reviews, view and subscribe to their lesson plans and apply them to your student.
When you add a student from your dashboard, we automatically add a default lesson plan to your student. You are free to customize the lesson plan or choose another from the KOREMarket.