The best K-12 learning on the web!
Global K-12 classroom unrealized until now.
Indispensible from now on.
Single account all the features of KoreSchool and access to all Kore products.

Teacher, Parents, Administrators and Students have all the capabilites to

  • Add student
  • Create lesson plan(s)
  • Upload videos
  • Publish lesson plan(s) and
  • search and subscribe to lesson plans from our KOREMarket place
Adding a new student is easy.

From the dashboard click on the "Add Student". Set student name choose grade. All set!

Student(s) have the option of either practicing in a lesson format or practicing by skills.
Teacher and Parents have the capability to modify a students lesson plan on the fly.

Easy student is different, our platform gives you an unique ability to create a lesson plan for one or hundred student(s), yet have the capability to tweak lesson plans for individual students. Talk about flexibilty and individual attention!

Lesson Plan Manager.

Create and manage all the lesson plans you have created or subscribed to.

Clean unobstrutive question interface.

Our biggest and smartest algorithims are hidden behind this tiny screen.

Our AI Kore engine (eye KORE) is built with sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and relies on
cutting edge datamodels to understand the capability of each student and based on inputs from the student our engine learns and renders questions to built upon the student strengths.
All this is hidden from the parents, teachers and students. Our engine adapts and changes according to the students abilities.
We have reimagined how Lesson Plans are built, applied to students and shared.