The only global educational platform built for K-12.
Our products and services enable students and educators to learn, share and explore. All in a secure and moderated enviroment.

Welcome to the KORE Global Classroom.
Children Learn faster from their Peers

We have built KoreSkills to help children explore and share skills and ideas with other children. Learn how to make paper airplanes, learn how to use chop sticks, make a paper chain or how to ride a bike!

Teach a skill, Learn a skill.

KoreSkills enpowers your child to learn skills from their peers, either from your neighborhood or across the planet. Does your child do something special? Somersaults? Help your child setup a lesson to show someone else to do perfect somersaults!

Learning can be a fun experience if children can connect with other kids and share.

KoreSkills connects with KoreTv and KoreSocial to help children connect.

Local business targeted towards children activites have the ability to have shop pages promoting their services.

Augmenting existing education, and pushing forward its future.

We have reimagined building lesson plans and delivering skill based instructions via our KoreTv service. We belive we have built an question engine which learns individual capabilities of a child and renders questions to build skills appropriate for a childs grade.

Parents and teachers have an ability to administer tests to students and improve their prerformance.

KoreSchool is tightly integrated with KoreMarket and KorePublishing to shop for lesson plans or publish lesson plans to the KoreMarket place. This ability truly brings of age the concept of a global classroom. Teachers have the ability and means of teaching children all over the world and providing a structure to test students for a personalized instructions.

Discover age and grade appropriate content for kids!

KoreTv is the worlds first video network for K-12.

Browse our ever expanding market place to discover content, teachers and lesson plans for children.

KoreMarket enables students from Chile to subscribe and learn from teachers in Japan.

Moderated social network, that works with other KOREPlatform products.

Our network connects students, parents and teachers within the umbrella of the KOREPlatform.