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Quick Start

Create a new account

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Add a new student

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Adding a new student

Dashboard with out any added students. Click on the "Add Student" button.

Key in Student details

Key in student name and select student grade. Student Grade cannot be changed later.

Dashboard with added student.

All students associated to your account will be available in the dashboard.

Student Lessons

Click on the student name in the dashboard to view available lessons and skills for the student.

Student Skills

Student can either take lessons or practice skills.

Student Questions

Click on the active lesson box to start lesson for the student.

Follow instructions and input the answer to the question.

Immediate student answer feedback.

Add Student advanced options.

Filter by tags.

Filter tag results.

Maintain Tags.

Dashboard options and Features.

Lesson Plan

Add New Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Choose Grade

Set Lesson Play Type

Lesson Plan Skill Set

Set Lesson Plan Skill Distribution