About KoreSchool
Our education system today can be better. It’s not relevant enough, engaging enough, or most importantly, accessible enough.
Our focus is building a platform for students to be engaged in learning- we are trying to build upon the strengths of our current educational system and supplement it to make it better.

We aspire to augment existing education, and push forward its future.
Our Team
Founder and Developer
Nimesh Marker is the founder, president and CEO of KoreSchool., a Silicon Valley based Education and E-Learning Company. He brings a wealth of experience in engineering, business and management from the many companies he has since started.
He received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Bombay University, India prior to starting KoreSchool, he founded several internet based companies including 4branches.com - A social Network, Kenpar Inc. - An internet consulting company with an offshore development center in India.
He is responsible for the overall technology and product roadmap of the company.
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KORE products and services logo suggest "encompassing the multimodality of knowledge."